Mylavarapu Gopi 


Artist Birtday : 15/08/1949(Age 72)
Born In : Yaddanapudi, Andhra Pradesh
Occupation(s) : lyricist

Mylavarapu Gopi ( August 15 , 1949 – September 8 , 1996 ) was a well-known writer in the field of Telugu cinema. He was born on August 15 , 1949 in Krishnajila Yadanapudi ( Mowva ) to the Satyanarayana – Ankamamba couple. His full name is Lakshmi Gopalakrishna Murthy of Mylavarapu. While a high school student, he played many roles in several plays. He participated in district level drama and singles competitions and received many prizes. He wrote poems, songs, stories and plays. S. S. L. C. After completing the study, interest was narrowed. He turned his attention to the film industry. He came to Madras in September 1964 while at home.