Sahithi is the pseudonym while Cherukupalli Sriramachandra Murthy is his name. He is popular in the industry one because of his straight forward nature and then for his forte in writing folk songs covering various slangs and dialects in Andhra Pradesh. He travelled far and wide, interacted with people, collected their colloquial words, terminology and created a unique mark for himself in folk poetry.

His Lalu Darwaja Laskar Bonala Pandagaku, a Vijayashanti number from Mondi Mogudu Penki Pellam became a big hit. He opines that the beautiful and rich slangs have been trampled; thota lo oke rakam puvvulu unte bagodhu, nalugu rakala puvvulu unte garden ki andham. Hailing from Mylavaram in Vijaywada, Sahithi grew up in an atmosphere of music and literature. He says, “All I knew of my childhood was singing bhajans and studying books.”