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Veturi Sundararama Murthy


Veturi Sundararama Murthy (29 January 1936 – 22 May 2010), popularly known as Veturi, was a Telugu writer mostly popular for his film songs. His career in the Telugu film industry spanned more than four decades.[4] He was highly admired and cherished for his deep and meaningful lyrics in Telugu songs. He was considered an inspiration by many lyricists.






20. Acha Acha
46. Antaryami
52. Asmadeeya
61. Bandhame
106. Emo Emo
124. Guvva Kuse
132. Hrudayamaa
141. Jabilliga
142. Jagamella
164. Kannanule
176. Kommalo
185. Maa Palle
203. Manmada
205. Markandeya
252. O Naveena
259. Oho laila
260. Oka maaru
264. Olammo
266. Om namahaa
281. Poolalona
283. Pravaahame
289. Priyatama
372. Varamanti
376. Vayasunami
387. Vevvela
393. Ye Chikita