ninnu choodagaane chitti gumde
gattigaane kottukunnade ho ademite
ninnu choodakumte remdu kallu
okatinokati tittukunnave hoy ademite hoy
oy aa aa e avatalaki po

ninnu choodagaane chitti gumde
gattigaane kottukunnade hoy ademite hoy
ninnu choodakumte remdu kallu
okatinokati tittukunnave hoy ademite hai
emito emmaayo chesinaave kamti chooputoti
emito idemi rogamo amtimchinaave omti ooputoti
mumche varadalaa kaalche pramidhalaa champaave maradalaa
ninnu choodagaane naa chitti gumde
ninnu choodagaane chitti gumde
gattigaane kottukunnade hoy ademite hoy
ninnu choodakumte remdu kallu
okatinokati tittukunnave hoy ademite hai

once more with feel
oh no

e amta pedda aakaasam
amtuleni aa neelam
nee chepa kalla lotullo etta nimpaave
ey bhoomilona bamgaaram
daagi umdanedi o satyam
daanni nuvvu bhoomi paina perigestoo
itta tirigestoo tiraga raasaave
e alaa nuvvu cheera katti chimduleste
cheemalaa nenu vemta padanaa
naavalaa nuvvu toolutoo nadustu umte
kaapalaaki nenu vemta raanaa
krshna raadhalaa, noppi baadhalaa umdaam raave maradalaa
ninnu choodagaane chitti gumde
gattigaane kottukunnade hoy ademite hai

aa hum aa hum aa hum aa hum
m attaleni kodaluttamuraalu orammaa
kodalleni atta gunavamturaalu
aa hum aa hum
hoy kodala kodala koduku pellaamaa orammaa
pachchi paala meeda meegadedammaa
haa vedi paalalona venna ledammaa
aa hum aa hum

please dance yaar

monalisa chitraanni geesinodu evadainaa
ee paala seesa amdaanni choodane ledu
imka em laabham
kohinooru vajraanni ettukellinodu raajainaa
daani merupu neelone
daagiumdani teliyale paapam
imtilaa nuvvu puttukoste
nenu maatramemtani pogidi paadagalanu
telugu bhaashalo naaku telisina padaalu anni
gummarimchi imta raasinaanu
sirivennela mootalaa vetoori paatalaa
muddugunnaave maradalaa
ninnu choodagaane naa chitti gumde
ninnu choodagaane chitti gumde
gattigaane kottukunnade hoy ademite hoy
ninnu choodakumte remdu kallu
okatinokati tittukunnave hoy ademite hai

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  9. guJVgFTLGGc

    August 31, 2017 at 1:27 am

    , you must understand that the Japanese culture value social conformity above all else. To achieve this civility they must “give up” something. And that something is individuality and creativity. While in other societies such as the US, individuality is celebrated. In Japan it is considered anti-social. So someone from the US will feel totally constricted living in a Japanese society. You can’t just look at one aspect of the society without considering the totality.

  10. bD2CQ5eIJY

    August 31, 2017 at 7:30 am

    Insane, oh well, cross off Allan Jones as a possible supporter of the cause. He is just interested in sticking it up Labor. However don’t believe this stoush betweeen Chris Corrigan, the Liberals and the Federal Government. It is nothing but a ruse. Tony Abbott and the Liberals have supported the Government Intermodal up until recently. THey are now only opposing it for political purposes. I seriously believe that they will build it even when and or if they win the next election.

  11. Pi0Q7jSr1

    August 31, 2017 at 7:59 pm

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  12. AlOumxTC8Hmc

    September 2, 2017 at 6:44 am

    Avi, one of the men was a firefighter. Perhaps he was the one described by the al-Jazeera reporter in a previous article as hosing the Israelis when he was shot. Would they claim he was attempting to drown them in their defense?

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